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Investigations examine possible wrongdoing and identify vulnerable areas where fraudulent activity might occur.  Investigations are carried out in accordance with the Uniform Guidelines for Investigations PDF, Uniform Guidelines for Investigations and the Investigation Policy PDF, Uniform Guidelines for Investigations

The Investigation Procedures Manual PDF, Uniform Guidelines for Investigations outlines techniques, methods and procedures followed.

Investigation reports Archive

TitleDateStatus of recommendations
Management Implication Report on working hours PDF, Management Implication Report November 7, 2014 100% implemented

Reporting wrongdoing

In accordance with the WIPO Internal Oversight Charter PDF, Internal Oversight Charter, the Director of the Internal Oversight Division (IOD) may receive complaints or information concerning the possible existence of fraud, waste, abuse of authority, non-compliance with rules and regulations of WIPO in administrative, personnel and other matters or other irregular activities relevant to the mandate of the Director, IOD.

Once an allegation is received, it is registered and evaluated to determine whether an investigation is warranted. If an investigation is needed, it will be conducted in compliance with WIPO Internal Oversight Charter and with the above-mentioned Guidelines and Manual.

Allegations may be brought to the attention of the Director, IOD:

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