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Internship Opportunities / Study Visit

The Coordination Office offers three Internship Programmes per year for interested candidates of various nationalities and universities.


The objective of internship at WIPO Coordination Office in New York is to encourage intellectual property students (students interested in intellectual property) to acquaint themselves with the work and activities of WIPO, its mission, policies and perspectives. It will benefit those who have a commitment to the subject of intellectual property and seek to make it their career.


Interns will have practical exposure to the United Nations and to several of its meetings as representing WIPO and write reports on the developments in those conferences, will be given WIPO perspectives on a variety of contemporary intellectual property topics in the form of lectures by the New York based staff, will be required to do a short research paper on a topic suggested by the office or of interest to interns but in agreement with the staff, will be a part of the office in all its work form attending the weekly office meetings to organizing any special events and in preparing the regular bulletins put up by the office, for instance, US IP news as well as UN news.

International environment

The environment is absolutely international and is conducive to those students who favor that setting and would demand of interns a collegiate and cooperative spirit of responsibility sharing and mutual give and take, and high standards of ethical behaviour.

Duration and deadlines

The internship is for duration ranging from three to six months.


Any student in a US Law or Policy school is eligible to apply. He or she should be in possession of a valid US visa to cover at least the duration of internship or residency permit or citizenship. WIPO does not offer any services to obtain US visas for foreigners nor would encourage the applicants to project the internship as a basis for seeking US visa.


Typically, each applicant will send his/her resume with a covering note explaining the background and why the candidate deserves the internship along with a copy of a writing sample and a recommendation from the School, two copies of passport picture and any other relevant documentation supporting academic achievements or awards. 


  • Internships at WIPO New York Office are not funded by WIPO and they are New York City based. Selected candidates should be able to support their stay during internship from their own resources.
  • Applicants should have health coverage of their own and WIPO will not be responsible to cover professional or personal medical or health or accident insurance of interns whatsoever during their internship.
  • Interns are not considered as officials or staff members of WIPO.
  • They must keep confidential any and all unpublished information made known to them during the course of internship and may not publish outside WIPO any reports or papers on the basis of information obtained during their term of internship. However, they may seek permission from WIPO for such publication or use of information and it lies within the discretion of WIPO whether to grant such permission.
  • There is no expectancy of employment by WIPO at the end or as a result of internship.
  • The interns are expected to maintain a daily/weekly log of work and submit during the last week of internship a report on all the activities undertaken.

Schools’ role

In view of the dates for submission of applications for the next internship, each school may set its own deadlines for submissions, review and to make recommendations on them to us.

As regards handling of the applications, we will rather have your school receive the applications and do the first screening taking into consideration the above basic facts and prepare a short list which may be forwarded to us with your recommendation. You may conduct your screening process as you wish in accordance with the procedures followed by your school including an interview.


After receiving the short list from the school, we will review the short-listed applications and do telephonic interviews with the applicants and make a final decision on the selection following our own internal procedures. We will inform the school as well as the candidates about the selection.  Selected candidates will be informed much in advance to make necessary preparations to join on time.

Study Visit

Under the International Visitor Programme sponsored by the United States Department of State, The New York Coordination Office receives more than 30 international IP lawyers per year from around the world.

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