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About the WIPO Japan Office

Our office is strategically located in the heart of Tokyo, close to the Japan Patent Office and major intellectual property (IP) users, practitioners, and business associations. We can accomodate up to eight staff members, visiting experts, or interns at our facilities where we also house a large collection of WIPO publications in English and Japanese.

Our staff include PCT and Madrid System experts and IP researchers, who provide information and assistance in English and Japanese to both local and international users.

Mr. Yuji Okuma, Director of WIPO Japan Office (Photo: WIPO).

Our activities

While broad in scope and diverse in implementation, our activities generally aim to:

  • provide Japanese information about WIPO and organize local events to promote the PCT, Madrid, and Hague Systems to existing and future users in Japan;
  • promote creativity and innovation through enhanced access and use of IP information through WIPO databases;
  • collaborate with the Government of Japan under the Funds-in-Trust agreement for capacity-building activities, reinforcing technical infrastructure, and enhancing the use of IP in business, particularly in the Asia and Pacific region;
  • conduct research for the benefit of both local and international users in coordination with WIPO's Regional Bureau for Asia and the Pacific;
  • provide helpful and timely customer service via telephone and e-mail, in Japanese for local clients and in English when WIPO headquarters are closed.

History of our office

Our Tokyo office was established in 2006 in response to increasing requests from developing countries for more information on the link between IP and economic development. Our first activities included research on this theme and led to the creation of the new IP Advantage database, as well as series of videos on Asian innovators. Around this time, we also partnered with the JPO to create the Honmono Manga.

In 2011 we expanded our research and outreach activities to include customer services and promotion of WIPO services. In cooperation with the JPO and other stakeholders we also organized high-level conferences, seminars on WIPO services, and workshops on the link between IP and development.

Public outreach

We regularly participate in general public outreach activities to increase awareness about WIPO services and activities among the Japanese public.

(Photo: Eyedus/Groopic)

IP Advantage database

Featuring over 200 case studies on how inventors and creators worldwide use IP to differentiate their products, gain a competitive advantage, and contribute to the development of their business and regions. We regulalry update the database with new case studies.

(Photo: WIPO)

Films on Asian innovators

In cooperation with the Funds-in-Trust Japan - Industrial Property, we produce short documentaries featuring innovators from the Asia-Pacific region. These films bring to life various success stories, including those highlighted in the IP Advantage database.

(Image: WIPO)

Honmono manga

WIPO's Honmono manga is the result of a national competition that we conducted in 2010 in cooperation with the Japan Patent Office and Kadokawa Publishing. The Manga explains the importance of trademarks and the dangers of counterfeit goods.

(Image: WIPO)


In coordination with our partners, we publish research and reports focusing on Japan and the Asia-Pacific region.

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