WIPO Current Account Owners

Consultation of balances and movements of a WIPO current account is now available to account owners online.

The parameters of access are encrypted, and allow the review and printing of a statement as well as of a particular transaction including as far as possible owner’s reference.

These parameters also allow the use of our E-Renewal Trademark System.

Information required for WIPO to set-up access:

  • current account N°;
  • last name of the administrator, or name of the department managing the account;
  • first name of the administrator (or last name of the administrator when a department is designated as mentioned above);
  • e-mail address of the administrator, or of the department managing the account.

Upon receipt of the aforementioned information, a password and an ID will be sent, which will allow immediate access to the account via the Internet as well as our E-Renewal system.

This facility is free of charge.

All communication relating to the management of a Current Account should be sent by e-mail to income.accounts@wipo.int