Director General Francis Gurry

Francis Gurry has led WIPO as Director General since October 1, 2008. He was reappointed in May 2014 for a second six-year term, which runs through September 2020.

Under his leadership, WIPO is addressing major challenges. These include managing the stress on the international patent and copyright systems produced by rapid technological change, by globalization and increased demand; reducing the knowledge gap between developed and developing countries; and ensuring that the intellectual property (IP) system serves its fundamental purpose of encouraging creativity and innovation in all countries.

To equip WIPO to meet these evolving challenges, Francis Gurry has led a comprehensive program of organizational change, realigning WIPO’s programs, resources and structures with re-defined strategic goals.

Director General Francis Gurry (photo: WIPO).
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“Knowledge, Property and Power”, guest speaker at the Australian Institute of International Affairs (AIIA) Victoria (Melbourne, Australia) Video
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Briefing to Ambassadors: Results in 2015 | Program Highlights 2016 PDF, Briefing to Ambassadors: Results in 2015 | Program Highlights 2015

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