World Intellectual Property Organization

Practical Arrangements

Date and Location

  • The Forty-Ninth Series of Meetings of the Assemblies of the Member States of WIPO will be held from September 26, 2011, to October 5, 2011, and will take place at the International Conference Center Geneva (CICG), 17 rue de Varembé, 1211, Geneva.
  • The sessions will open at 10 a.m. on Monday, September 26, 2011.

Access to the CICG and the WIPO Buildings

  • Access to the CICG for conference participants will be strictly controlled. Conference participants must wear the official badge, given to them on registration, at all times.
  • Delegates entering the CICG premises will need to be appropriately badged and will be subject to a badge control at the access point to the CICG and WIPO venues. Conference participants are required to wear their event badges in plain view at all times while on these premises.

Parking and drop-off/pick-up points 

Delegates may be dropped off at the drop-off/pick-up points at the CICG, near the roundabout in front of the main entrance on rue de Varembé, and at the WIPO premises on chemin des ColombettesReserved diplomatic parking for accredited official vehicles for Permanent Missions is also allowed at the WIPO premises on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Event parking for the CICG venue can be found in the Nations public parking area (a limited number of free parking passes will be available upon request at the WIPO registration desk at the CICG, on a first come-first-served basis). Chauffeur-driven official cars should not remain parked in the vicinity of the entrance to the CICG, but must leave the area, only returning prior to the expected end of the meeting.

Room Bookings

Reservations of rooms (and confirmations of bookings) for group meetings, meetings of group coordinators and bilateral meetings between delegations should be made with the conference section or by contacting staff on site at the Documents or the Registration counters, well in advance. Rooms will be allocated on a first-come, first served basis. Group meetings will be announced on the electronic display panels. 



  • Local and international calls can be made from public telephones in the CICG and in the nearby Post Office (see below), where phone cards may be purchased.
  • Incoming calls can be made to the WIPO registration desk (+41 22) 791 94 41 or to the CICG reception desk, telephone (+41 22) 791 91 11. When phoning locally, dial only 022 as a prefix to these numbers.

Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi)

A wireless Internet connection (Wi-Fi) is available at the CICG.

PCs with Internet access

An “Internet Café”, open all day, may be found on the lower level of the CICG building. These PCs are equipped with USB ports, as well as the standard and most useful applications and tools, and have a shared printer. All PCs have permanent Internet access. Ten additional Internet “points” are available in different areas of the CICG building.


A press room will be available for interviews and press conferences. WIPO press officers will be available throughout the Assemblies to assist with any requests for press conferences and interviews.

Customer Service Center

Customer service center staff will be present at the Communications Desk from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.and available to help delegates with their requests, i.e. provide responses to general queries, facilitate meetings with WIPO staff members, give practical help. The contact number is (+41 22) 338 87 87.

Information Center

The WIPO Information Center will have a presence at the CICG to facilitate purchases of WIPO branded articles by delegates.

Medical Services

A first-aid station is available at the CICG (ground floor) in case of medical emergencies. A nurse is on duty in the WIPO Headquarters building from Monday to Friday, from 8.30 a.m. to 12.15 p.m. and from 2.15 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. The medical unit is located on the ground floor of the Georg Bodenhausen building (GB 0.16), past the travel agency. Contact numbers:  (+41 22) 338 95 84 or 91 28.

Cafeteria and Coffee Bar

The CICG coffee bar is open from 7.30 am. A self-service cafeteria on the first floor is open from 11.30 am to 2.30 pm. Participants may also use the cafeterias located in the nearby WIPO buildings.


A self-service cloakroom is situated in the main entrance of the hall of the CICG. This area is unattended and WIPO can take no responsibility for any loss or theft of property left there.

Practical Orientation

Public Transport

Bus and tram stops near the Conference Center:

  • Bus stop: “Vermont”, bus line 5 (this line also goes to and from the airport)
  • Bus stop: “UIT”, bus lines 8, 11 and 14
  • Bus/Tram stop: “Nations”, bus lines 28, F, V, Z; tram lines 13 and 15

For more information see


The nearest taxi rank is situated on chemin Louis-Dunant. Taxis may be called by dialing (+41 22) 320 22 02 or (+41 22) 320 20 20. When making local calls dial only 022/320 22 02 or 022/320 20 20. Requests for a taxi may also be made at the CICG reception desk.

Lost and Found Property

All inquiries concerning lost and found items can be addressed to the WIPO security service at the CICG or WIPO reception desks.

Postal service

The Post Office is located on the ground floor of the CICG building at 17, rue de Varembé.  Opening hours: 8.00 am to noon and 2.00pm to 6.00 pm.


The Union des Banques Suisses (UBS) has a branch on chemin Louis-Dunant. Opening hours: 8.30 am to 4.30 pm.   An ATM is also available on the right-hand side of the main lobby of the AB building.


A number of restaurants are available in the vicinity.

Useful Contacts

  • Security: 022/338 93 38
  • Medical Unit: 022/338 95 84
  • In case of emergency, 022/338 99 99 (WIPO reception); or call 117 (local police).


Useful Links

  • Map showing appraoch roads to the CICG, to the main WIPO building (AB) and to the new building.

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