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PCT Legal Division

The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Legal Division is responsible for many of the legal-related tasks associated with the PCT, as well as providing training, information and associated resources, and relations with the PCT user community.

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What we are trying to achieve

Our expected result in 2014/15 is:

  • Increased use of the PCT route for filing international patent applications.

This contributes to WIPO's Strategic Goal II: "provision of premier global IP services."

What we do

    Our activities include:

  • Implementing changes to the PCT legal and procedural framework.
  • Providing training seminars and updated presentations to PCT users, potential users, and patent office staff, and providing legal, procedural and strategic advice on PCT use.
  • Maintaining the PCT portion of the WIPO website and its information resources, including the PCT legal texts and informational texts such as the PCT Applicant’s Guide (updated weekly) and monthly PCT Newsletter.
  • Providing a specific information service (the “PCT Infoline”) for PCT users and potential users.
  • Special handling of PCT “problem cases”.
  • Building greater awareness of the PCT and its benefits among users and potential users through direct outreach.

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