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Emerging Issues in Intellectual Property

Intellectual property plays an important role in an increasingly broad range of areas, ranging from the Internet to health care to nearly all aspects of science and technology and literature and the arts. Understanding the role of intellectual property in these areas - many of them still emerging - often requires significant new research and study. In an effort to promote informed discussion of the intellectual property issues involved in these fields, WIPO regularly produces various explanatory publications on current issues of interest. A selection of the texts of these publications is available below.

WIPO also occasionally commissions studies by various organizations or individuals on similar issues relating to intellectual property. The views expressed in these studies, also available below, are those of the authors, and do not necessarily represent the views of WIPO.


  • Profile of Small and Medium Scale entreprises (SME) in the SADC economies (available in Adobe PDF format)
  • The Caribbean Music Industry Database (CMID), 2000 (available in Adobe PDF format)
  • Best Practice Cases in the Music Industry and their Relevance for Government Policies in Developing Countries (available in Adobe PDF format)
  • The Music Industry in Trinidad and Tobago (available in Adobe PDF format)
  • The Importance of Intellectual Property Rights in the International Spread of Private Sector Agricultural Biotechnology (available in Adobe PDF format)
  • International Patent System: An Empirical Analysis (available in Adobe PDF format)
  • Developing Countries Becoming A Global Player: Opportunities In The Music Industry (available in Adobe PDF format)
  • Music and the Jamaican Economy (available in Adobe PDF format)
  • Application of Intellectual Property Rights in Developing Countries: Implications for Public Policy and Agricultural Research Institutes (available in Adobe PDF format)
  • Museums and the Digital Future by the International Intellectual Property Institute (available in Adobe PDF format)
  • Patent Protection and Access to HIV/AIDS Pharmaceuticals in Sub-Saharan Africa by the International Intellectual Property Institute 
    (available in Adobe PDF format)
  • Role of IPR in Biotechnology Transfer - Corporate Views 
    (available in Adobe PDF format)
  • The Effects of TRIPS-Mandated Intellectual Property Rights on Economic Activities in Developing Countries (available in Adobe PDF format)
  • Parallel Imports in Pharmaceuticals: Implications for Competition and Prices in Developing Countries (available in Adobe PDF format)

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